The material makes a huge difference to what kinds of shutters you’re going to get! Learn about the three types of shutters with Aushades. 

There are 3 main materials shutters are made from and basically they are Aluminium, Timber and PVC.  

When researching what the most suitable material is for your shutters, it can be quite overwhelming. Especially with different companies offering different advice which may sometimes be influenced by the product they have access to or competitive price on or manufacturing themselves. 

Here at Aushades we have full access to all of the above materials with no advice based on availability or price, unbiased, purely what we believe is fit for purpose at hand.  


Although we’re asked regularly to quote on Aluminium shutters for internal purposes, we will do all we can to advise against them.  

Our Aluminium shutters are a perfect solution to enclose your patio or outdoor kitchen as they almost completely protect the area from the wind and rain all the while looking great. 

However, they can look too industrial for the inside of a home, they just feel and sound a little indelicate at times. Aesthetically compared to the Timber or PVC shutters, they don’t compare, as each end of each blade having a plastic end cap that is quite visible. They do insulate well but being a metal, to the touch in summer they can get quite warm and quite cold in the colder months. 

At the end of the day if we wouldn’t do something in our homes, then we will do our best not to do it in a customer’s. 


Our Timber shutters are stunning and come in a large range of colours, stains and custom colours. They also come in a variety of blade sizes, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm. 

Aushades Timber Eco Shutters are manufactured from furniture grade internationally certified Paulownia Timber. Timber shutters in general are very light weight and offer effortless operation. The high tensile coatings guarantee they won’t peel or crack and even offer some resistance to moisture but not recommended for wet areas.  

To be completely honest they really are stunning and looking at them side by side with a PVC shutter of the same colour you would never tell the difference. They are a little more fragile in a sense of taking a knock though, so a little more care is required. 

The majority of the shutters supplied and installed are PVC shutters but if you did like a light weight shutter or one of a completely different colour then our Timber shutters would be the answer! 



We tend to recommend PVC shutters because in most situations we believe they are the far better product for durability and longevity. They are Termite proof and a fire retardant. The best thing about PVC shutters is their resilience to moisture and water making them suitable for any room including the wet areas. Some may argue the fact that PVC shutters are only good in the wet areas. But our way of thinking is that shutters are subject to water damage in any room of the house. A window may be accidentally left open allowing the sprinklers or rain in and onto the shutters. If that is not the case, you can get condensation in any window of your home which has the potential to damage Timber shutters. 

If there was a downside to PVC shutters it would be the fact that they are heavier than Timber shutters for example, which isn’t a real issue because you don’t need to carry them around the house 🙂 Yes. They may drop slightly when hinging them open. But in most windows, this can be adjusted to eliminate that. Also, the squareness of the reveal which is out of our control can cause this. But for the limited number of times the panel will be opened we find it more important to adjust the panel where it looks the best aesthetically. 

Aushades has a PVC shutter which we believe is the best on the market. The structural integrity allows a maximum panel width of 950mm as compared to others at 900mm or some even being a maximum panel width of 750mm. They are aesthetically nicer and they feature the felt strip which helps to reduce even more light from entering the room. 

Throughout the process of researching shutters, you may read or be told by other suppliers that they will turn yellow and let off toxic fumes. In short that is right, some shutters can do exactly that but shutters are no different to anything else on the market where you can buy quality or cheap and nasty. 

Aushades only supplies and installs quality PVC shutters that are backed with VOC compliance. This basically means they have been independently tested and proved not to do this.  



Still not sure which shutters are best for you? Ask the experts for a free measure and quote, and we’ll advise on what works best for your Perth home.