Yes of course you can. Whatever furnishing is installed on a sliding door needs to be convenient as they are often thoroughfares. Shutters are a more expensive option of course but a stunning and very convenient one. 

There are 3 mounting methods for shutters over sliding doors and they can be Hinged, Sliding or Bi-fold Shutters. Hinged shutters in most scenarios are generally not a very good/convenient option. Either Sliding or Bi-fold shutters are the way to go depending on door configuration. 


Sliding shutters in most cases will be configured to imitate your actual sliding door exactly the same. They are a very convenient option in the sense that the panel/s covering the door opening can simply be pushed aside allowing easy entry/exit.  

Sliding shutters need to have a track on the floor to secure the panels but this can be achieved in 3 different styles to suit any situation or customer preference. 

There are different options in regards to headboard sizes and how much of the room is required to install them. But the options available are sufficient to suit all rooms and the impact compared to the look and convenience in our opinion is completely insignificant. 



Aesthetically Bi-fold shutters are just as stunning as Sliding shutters. In regards to operation though, Bi-fold shutters need to be worked a little more than Sliding shutters where you just need to slide the panel/s to the side. 

Depending on your door configuration Bi-fold shutters may require more panels the make the even number of panels required for operation. This sometimes makes the opening a little busier than it needs to be.  

The advantage of Bi-fold shutters are they sometimes encroach into your room slightly less when in the closed position. And when in the fully open position they give full view through the opening. 


Proper fitting is important when it comes to installing shutters on sliding doors. There are some horror stories out there about the functionality errors that come from shuttered sliding doors! This is due to the shutters having been mounted poorly in the first place.  

If they’re installed properly from the beginning, like any other professionally mounted shutters, they won’t give you any trouble. The key is to ensure there are sufficient mounts fitted correctly to support the weight of the shutters. 

So often we’ve heard from customers they have been told from other suppliers that shutters on Sliding doors are not a good option. For reasons varying from being bulky, heavy and giving trouble after installation. We couldn’t disagree more. Yes, they are more expensive. Yes, they do protrude into the room more than some furnishings , end of the day though what matters is that they look amazing and are a feature of the room while being a very convenient option. 

In regards to them giving operation trouble after install. The only reason these shutters will give operation issues after install is if they are not installed properly. Because Sliding and Bi-fold shutters do protrude from the wall it is crucial that the mounts are sufficient. Otherwise with the weight of the panels on the outside edge of the track, of course it will drop and give issues. 

We can honestly say and prove for that matter of fact. Once we install our Sliding or Bi-fold shutters, the track can support our body weight and our installs are warranted for as long as you are in your home. 


If your sliding doors are used frequently, it may be better to get sliding shutters as this maintains the convenience of the doorways, but you may prefer the full view that Bi-fold shutters offer.  

Don’t wonder on your own, call in the experts for our professional advice! We’ll advise you on what works best for you and your home. Aushades is fairly priced for the quality work we do, as we make sure that our warranty lasts as long as you do in your home.  

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