There are times for complete privacy, and times to make your bedroom an enjoyable space to be. With the right blinds and shutters from Aushades, you can have the perfect setting you need in your Perth bedroom. 


If you need dark while you sleep, these are the blinds for you. With total darkness and privacy, roller blackout blinds are the easiest way to get a full night’s rest. These are a specialised type of roller blinds in Perth, with a cassette over the roller that prevents stray light from leaking in. 


Want blackout blinds at night, but something less severe during the day? With double roller blinds in Perth, you can use the blackout blind at night for comfort and privacy, which can be raised during the day to leave only the light-filtering roller blind. 


When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when you’re in a Perth bedroom, why not do the same? The rich fabrics of Roman blinds are plush and add a touch of luxury to the bedroom. There is the option to make or line your Roman blinds with blackout material. 


The long vertical slats of vertical blinds can be rotated a full 180 degrees, providing control over the amount of light they let through. This has a number of consequences in terms of privacy and heat in the room. Vertical blinds are also ideal for large windows. 


The horizontal slats of Venetian blinds can also be tilted as much as you need. As well as a snug close to prevent light leaking in, you can half-tilt the slats to illuminate the room without losing privacy. Or sweep the blinds completely out of the way, to invite the outdoors into your bedroom! 


Honeycomb blinds are defined by their shape more than their make. Made from a single piece of fabric, they are rolled or folded into the shape of a honeycomb, hence the name. These work wonders to prevent heat transfer, whether keeping out summer heat or keeping in winter warmth. These are an excellent energy-efficient choice for any Perth bedroom, not to mention, offering lush natural lighting while protecting your privacy. These can come in a range of materials from sheer to blackout, according to what you need. 


Did you think of shutters as a black-and-white option, either open or closed? There’s a lot more to shutters than that, and they can offer the degrees of choice a bedroom needs, between full light and full privacy.  

Installing shutters on your bedroom windows means you are able to split the blades. This means keeping the shutters partially open to allow natural light into the room through the top blades, while the lower blades are closed for privacy. 


Call Aushades for your free measure and quote, for the perfect blinds and shutters for your bedroom.