With something as customisable as plantation shutters, a variety of factors can affect the final cost.  

Learn how these could add up for your Perth home with Aushades. 


An average price for Hinged/Fixed plantation shutters per square metre is $300 – $350. Depending on location and application of course but this will give a general idea of cost.  

Plantation Shutters are the one window furnishing that can be customized to suit almost any window opening from the standard window to sliding doors, bay windows, corner windows, any shaped windows (round, triangle, arched, etc) and you can even do cut-outs around door handles. The shaped shutters are quite a bit more expensive than the standard window but the finish is impressive.  

There are also a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. Some specialty colours are slightly more expensive but with the huge selection of standard colours the need for these is very limited. 



There are 3 different types of materials that shutters are made of and the following will give you an idea of what each one will cost per square metre supplied and installed. 


PVC – $300 – $350 

TIMBER – $360 – $390 

ALUMINIUM – $470 – $500 


Keep in mind the above prices will vary depending on mounting method, size of the job and all prices are subject to an on-site measure to see exactly what work is involved in fitting your shutters. This will be a good guide though. 


One last very important thing to consider when deciding who is going to be your shutter supplier is the quality of the product. I truly believe I have the better shutter on the market for quite a few reasons, especially our most popular PVC Shutter. 



There is no set installation fee as it is included in the prices above for what we call a standard fitting. Most fittings are standard fittings and include skirting board cut-outs, install of light stops to accommodate tiles in the reveal, etc. But like any job, any major variance and extra time spent on a fitting attracts extra costs to cover the work involved. 



With plantation shutters, it pays to consider more than just the one-off cost to have them installed. Plantation shutters can raise the property value of your home, in which case they would be an investment.  

Aesthetically they improve the look of any home substantially from both the inside and from the kerb. As well as having amazing insulation properties for both winter and summer, shutters are very versatile in regards to light and privacy control. They will save on aircon/heating use, therefore adding value to any home. In this light, they tend to pay for themselves, and absolutely worth the price tag. 


Plantation shutters are very easy to clean compared to other blinds. A light dusting is sufficient and for those more stubborn marks a damp microfibre cloth will suffice. 

Repairs are few and far between with the majority being accidental damage. If repairs are required it is no problem as we keep stock of any required parts for a quick turn around. 


Shutters are of course more expensive than most other furnishings, but for very good reason. Once shutters are installed in your home it is extremely unlikely that the window furnishings will ever require attention again besides possible minor repairs. Shutters are not a furnishing that will go out of fashion (depending on the selected colour). 


Plantation shutters are definitely a great option if the budget allows. They are the most in-demand window furnishings on the market for so many reasons. Get in touch with Aushades today for your free measure and quote.