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ShadeTrack Outdoor Blinds have been exclusively designed by Sunteca and are perfectly suited for patio, alfresco, veranda and balcony areas. Available in a variety of finishes, ShadeTrack Outdoor Blinds will enhance your outdoor entertainment area ensuring year-round employment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Offers protection from the sun, UV and glare.
  • Reduces the effects of wind and rain.
  • Reduces insect intrusion.
  • Manufactured using high grade powder coated aluminium extrusions, stainless steel brackets, brass locking pins and marine grade nylon infused plastics to ensure they can withstand the harshest of environments.
  • Contemporary fully enclosed head box design, (optional extra), which will complement any outdoor setting.
  • Child-safe. No ropes or pulleys.
  • Available fabrics include Mesh, Canvas, Acrylic, clear or tinted PVC.
  • Easy to use, central control operation comes standard on both sides.
  • Flat side retention zip ensures blind operates smoothly.
  • Option for additional locking points allows for complete versatility.
  • Can span up to 5.85m in width.
  • Option to motorise with Alpha 240v.
  • Tubular Motors.
  • Designed and made in Western Australia exclusively by Sunteca.
  • Easy & quick installation.
  • More tolerance when measuring.
  • Fully enclosed Headbox (2 sizes available).
  • Complete installation manual.
  • Low maintenance.
Plastic Components Nylon Infused Plastic (Marine Grade) – Locally WA made injection moulded plastic produced by a company that specialises in high end external yacht fittings. Plastic (Non-Marine Grade) – Less durable
Aluminium Extrusion T6 Tensile Aluminium – Same grade as aluminium used in Westral security grilles and extrusions. Stronger and less top tube bow. Standard Aluminium – Not as strong, tends to bow.
Locking Pins Solid Brass Locking Pins – Longer lasting, non-corroding. Hidden within track. Plastic Locking Pins – Thin plastic and external to
Locking System Internal Mechanism Stainless Steel Central Locking System – Fully enclosed in bottom rail and side guides. Flat Aluminium Bar – Can be seen inside bottom rail
Screws and Fittings (Internal and External) Stainless Steel Screws and fixings throughout – Non-rusting. Normal Screws – Rust and break.
Frame Frame size is smaller allowing for better views when blind is up and when blind is in use, (down), with 20mm more fabric on either side. Retain more of your view. More visible frame when blind is up or down.
Top Tube Has Reducing Cones – Fabric will not sag over time keeping a neat appearance. No reducing cones – Fabric may sag over time.
Headbox Slimmer Headbox: 145mm x 140mm (HxD) – Easier to install and remove for maintenance. Smaller headbox = more view. Larger Headbox: 175mm x 140mm (HxD) – More difficult to install and remove for maintenance. Larger Headbox equals less fabric meaning less visibility.
Visible Hardware On The Outside Cleaner / Neater Look – No plastic hardware is visible on the blind frame or when blind is down. Rugged look with the clips and screws visible on the
frame of the blind structure. Locking clips have a
greater opportunity of being knocked or broken.
Central Locking System and Handles Easy to manage handle, positive locking/unlocking and comes standard on both sides. Colour coordinated. Central locking system is not standard and is quite
small and difficult to use. Potential for the handle to
snap. Comes in black only.
Side Retention “No 6” Weldable T.Zip – Zip runs smoother and zip weld is hidden by side track. (‘Cleaner’ appearance) 3mm Kedar Spline – Rougher to operate. Side spline
is visible. Round spline susceptible to tracking.
Maximum size 5850 x 3500 – For larger sizes vertical joins are
recommended as this helps give fabric stability. We don’t recommend railroading fabric, (regardless of system being used)
4500 x 3500

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