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Custom Designed Panel Glides

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Panel glide blinds offer an ideal solution for modern window coverings and light control. With a smooth operating wand and tracking channels, there’s no need for safety devices and chains.

Panel glides are a stylish feature in any home. They are a perfect practical solution for those large sliding doors or even as a room divider.

Aushades can install custom designed and measured panel blinds for your windows, doors, and rooms that give a modern edge to your interiors.

To learn more about our selection panel glides, call us on 08 7999 7814.

Superior Window Coverings

Panel glides function perfectly as window coverings for sliding glass doors, patio doors, and French doors. They’re installed as a wall mount and easily move through a series of tracking channels for smooth operation.

Panel Blinds as Room Dividers

Panel binds can be mounted on the ceiling of your room to act as a room divider. You can use a sheer material to add an element of openness or select a heavier fabric to create more division. Panel blinds are a great and cost-effective alternative to adding walls and offer the flexibility of being able to open and close them so that you can create a division when you want it and openness when you don’t.


Panel glide blinds are created using flat fabric panels which are attached to rollers and a track mounted to the ceiling or above your windows or doors. This design makes them easy to slide open and closed, as the panels stack neatly behind each other. When closed, the fabric panels create a completely sealed wall.


Aushades offers panel blinds in a variety of fabrics and colours to fit into your current interior design. We can match the fabric to your roller blinds in other rooms to create a seamless transition. We custom measure your panel blinds to ensure a perfect fit in any room. Choose anywhere from 2 to 10 panels and a 3 to 6 track system.


Servicing all of Perth, Aushades provides premium factory direct shutters, blinds, and window coverings. We offer a free no obligation onsite measurement service and quote to help you choose the right window treatment for your home.

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