Windows are the major weakness of a home’s insulation. If you are looking for equally major savings on your home heating and cooling costs, read the guide on insulated window blinds by Aushades.  

Choose the perfect blinds to stay cool in summer and warm in winter! 

Close Blinds to Keep Out Summer Heat 

Just having window blinds isn’t enough, it’s about the timing too. The sun plays a huge role in over-heating your home, so keep it out!  

During Perth’s hot summers, close your blinds while the morning is still cool, to block the sunlight before it has a chance to heat up your house. This will naturally help even your indoor temperature, while reducing your air conditioner bills. 

Conversely, crack your blinds a bit during summer nights, to let some of the interior heat escape. 

Open Blinds to Let In Winter Sun 

On the other hand, during whatever winter sun you can get in your home, leave your blinds open to let the sun do what it does best. With your house soaking up the sun’s heat into its walls and floors, you won’t have to crank up the heaters so much. This is an especially effective tactic for homes with areas of high thermal mass, such as tile or concrete floors. 

Close Blinds on Cold Winter Days 

What about winter days that are too cold for the sun to help? This includes windy and cloudy days, when open blinds are likely to lose more heat than they gain.  

Closed blinds in these conditions act as a layer of insulation, helping to trap the warm air inside. This is also important advice for cosy winter nights, so make sure to close your blinds in the late afternoon, or at latest when the sun sets. 

Harness Shutters for Insulation 

They may not look the part, but shutters are very good for insulating Perth homes! The timber tones of plantation shutters add more than just a cosy look to a room; they help create it, with their insulating properties.  

Plantation shutters are effective insulators. Timber itself is an insulating material, and as shutters, they create a complete surface over the windows.  

Not only do shutters form a thicker layer than any other blinds options you may be considering, but also they don’t leave gaps beside the wall the way that most types of blinds do. 

Screen Roller Blinds to Reflect 

Screen roller blinds help to reduce heat from the sun, especially when the screen fabric is backed by chrome, which reflect more light and heat out of the room. They also provide excellent sun protection, with a screen mesh that can block damaging UV rays. 

Save on Heating and Cooling Bills 

If your windows are currently bare, putting anything on them will help to insulate your home.  

However, not all window furnishings are made equal, so it pays to know what options are best for insulation.  

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